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Kill Kill Faster Faster

(Crown, 1998; Canongate, 1998; Penguin, 1999)

“Stylish, Dead-pan funny and exhaustingly fashionable. The pace never drops.”

--The London Times

“There’s no denying its power. Very good indeed.”

--Time Out

“Rose has crammed the crime genre into a pulverizing blender and spewed out a terrifyingly violent, funny, sexy, and hypnotic novel.”

--Details Magazine




Hungry Ghosts

"Hungry Ghosts is a special book and one that will be hard to shelve: graphic art, cookbook, spooky tales, a testimony to friendship and a cultural introduction to supernatural Japan. Take a seat at the table and read.

-- Japan Times   


GET JIRO (DC Comics/Vertigo, 2014)


A frenetic, stylized send-up about fame, fortune and food fanatics.


GET JIRO: BLOOD AND SUSHI (DC Comics/Vertigo, 2015)


Prequel to the original, a yakuza tale of rice and violence.


Kill the Poor

(Atlantic Monthly Press, 1988)

"Tough, terse snapshots of urban America"

--The Chicago Tribune

"Undeniable charm and gritty rhythm."

--Philadelphia Inquirer

"Wholly convincing, compelling, and full of energy."

--The Baltimore Sun


The Blackest Bird

A Novel of History and Murder

(W.W. Norton & Company, March 2007)

"A marvelous novel."

--Patrick McGrath

"Irresistibly seductive.... Murder mystery, historical novel, portal to another time."

--Anthony Bourdain

"Thoroughly entertaining."


New York Sawed in Half

(Bloomsbury, 2001)

"Joel Rose's suspenseful saga relives the greatest hoax ever recorded in New York City history."
--Vanity Fair

"On a summer day in the eighteen-twenties, two men brought startling news to New York City's Centre Market. Manhattan, they announced, was sinking. The men explained that the mayor had sanctioned an emergency plan to saw off the bottom half of the island, drag it out into the harbor, turn it head to toe, and reattach it. Joel Rose's semi-fictional re-creation of the hoax reflects on the peculiar complicity that exists between the duper and the duped."
--The New Yorker

"Sure to get people talking big-time!"
--Gotham Magazine

La Pacifica

(DC Comics, Paradox Press, 1994)

Written by Amos Poe and Joel Rose. Art by Tayyar Ozkan

"This pioneering graphic novel mystery blends hard-boiled genre conventions with punk and transgressive aesthetics, resulting in a lost classic of the 1990s."

--Borderland Speakeasy #14:
The No Wave Noir of La Pacifica

Between C&D: New Writing from the Lower East Side Fiction Magazine

(Penguin Contemporary American Fiction, 1988)

Edited by Joel Rose and Catherine Texier

The Big Book of Thugs

(DC Comics, Paradox Press, 1996)

True Stories of History's Most Notorious Gangs, Posses, and Mobs.

Written by Joel Rose. Art by a hoard of various comic book artists.

The Big Book of Little Criminals

(DC Comics, Paradox Press, 1995)

63 Tales of the World's Most Incompetent Jailbirds

Love is Strange: Stories of Postmodern Romance

(W.W. Norton & Company, 1993)

Edited by Joel Rose and Catherine Texier