Between C&D: New Writing from the Lower East Side Fiction Magazine

Edited by Joel Rose and Catherine Texier

From Library Journal

These 25 stories seem as though they were written in the near future, a time when violent, sexy cynics rule the streets and technology has replaced intimacy but people have not yet forgotten how to laugh. There is little for Norman Rockwell to illustrate but plenty that readers will admire. A highlight is Barry Yourgrau's "Oak," in which a member of the gentry dukes it out with a psycho shepherdess as his mom coaches ("I know how them Bo Peeps go at it. She'll fake yer high to the left, then try to come under low right. . . ."). Peter Cherches, Gary Indiana, and Patrick McGrath are noteworthy, and Roberta Allen writes like a latter-day Boccaccio.

-- David Kirby, Florida State Univ., Tallahassee

Selected Works

Graphic Novel
In a future LA ruled by culinary warlords, two sides will battle to the bitter end to... GET JIRO! A ruthless master chef with ideas of his own!
"A thrilling new whodunnit. New York's answer to the Jack the Ripper murders."
--Independent on Sunday
“A modern urban masterpiece.”
--Irvine Welsh
“Sharp, savage and extremely well written.”
--New York Times
Urban Historical
"A novelist's touches bring history to life."
--USA Today
Graphic Novels
"The writing is crisp, the art grim. What a movie this would make!"
-- Flux Magazine
"This pioneering graphic novel mystery blends hard-boiled genre conventions with punk and transgressive aesthetics, resulting in a lost classic of the 1990s."
--Borderland Speakeasy #14: The No Wave Noir of La Pacifica
"Learn about lots of really nasty people that you've probably never heard of."
--Bryan Shultz
DC Comics' Award-Winning Factoid Book
Short Story Anthologies
"Violent. Sexy....Plenty that readers will admire."
--Library Journal
"Not your ordinary love stories."
--Publisher's Weekly